Youth Ambassador Program

Y&D ambassador is a program that aims to raise youth voices with the purpose of bringing up current issues and new perspectives in the international public affairs arena. It will provide new generations with the unique opportunity to interact face to face with diplomats and scholars who can provide them with the necessary tools to get effectively involved in the venture of restituting democracy throughout the Americas.

Active student at an accredited University and/or a youth leader with proven track record of democracy advocacy projects in your home country

The main objective of this Ambassador Program is to prepare youth leaders with the capacities to defend democratic values and to contribute towards the promotion of sustainable development goals in the pursuit of peaceful, just, and free societies in their countries of origin and in the world.

Are you eligible to be Y&D Ambassador?

Do you have what it takes to be the next Y&D Ambassador? We are looking for a young leader, passionate advocate of democracy and human rights to engage in meaningful work with fellow young Latin America leaders to fill the role for the 2020-2021 program.

Qualified individuals are:

  1. Between 18 and 30 years old
  2. Active student at an accredited University and/or a youth leader with proven track record of democracy advocacy projects in your home country
  3. Individuals with demonstrated capacity for leadership through the participation on student leadership roles and/or organizations in their home countries
  4. Organized and able to manage multiple projects at a time
  5. Self-motivated and able to complete projects in accordance with Y&D Mission statement
  6. Eager to address key local and/or global democracy issues
  7. Citizens (passport holding citizen) of her/his home country AND currently residing in one of the countries listed below
  8. Holder of a valid visa to travel to the United States of America and abide to all USCIS immigration policies and requirements to travel to the USA to attend Y&D Summits and/or events
  9. Capable to promote and uphold democratic principles and values.
  10. Fluent Public Speakers and enthusiastic about engaging with fellow young Latin American leaders
  11. Skillful in conflict resolution within their communities, work environment, and teams of fellow students or thinkers

How to Apply

Complete the online application


What are the responsibilities?

  1. Promote and participate in meetings and projects with Y&D fellow leader students.
  2. Commit at least five to ten hours per week to the position, excluding travel or Congress/Symposiums or Summits participation, which will consume additional time.
  3. Collaborate with Y&D and staying in close communication throughout the year.
  4. Encourage respect and tolerance towards your participating colleagues, being those conversations a place to learn from each other’s perspectives and ideas under freedom of opinion and not allowing disrespect towards others.
  5. Prepare and submit reports stating progress and difficulties for intrinsic tasks, activities and initiatives pursued in the home country related to Y&D.
  6. Maintain the corporate image and reputation of the organization by using different resources provided by the organization (i.e. templates, letterheads, pre-made formats, etc.)
  7. Participate in at least two of three virtual forums or scheduled seminars.
  8. Recommend possible candidates from your country to participate as speakers for seminars to be organized by Y&D.
  9. Supervise the work of Y&D members who are part of the organization’s delegation in your home country
  10. Submit a capstone project which should include public policies and probable solutions to challenges or conflicts that could be put into effect in their home countries.
  11. Prepare a monthly newsletter for Y&D regarding to human rights, sustainable development, national security, or democracy status in their home countries.
  12. Plan with other fellow ambassadors a monthly debate to be presented to Y&D board of directors about the status and future of democracy
  13. Organize at least one Y&D Forum in their countries of origin with the participation of personalities of the political life, scholars, philosophers, and/or philanthropists as well as young leaders to further discuss and propose solutions to the challenges affecting the democracy in their country.
  14. Complete at least 80% of the Y&D Ambassador program.

Your experience as Y&D Ambassador will allow you to:

  1. Network and engage with youth leaders across Latin America.
  2. Launch your career as international leader
  3. Ratify you as an advocate for democracy, freedom, and human rights
  4. Build experience and skills that will add value to your Resume
  5. Strengthen your social, political, and community leadership image in your community
  6. Belong to a non-for-profit organization that will support and will boost your proposal for the strengthen of democracy and sustainable development.
  7. Increase opportunities to grow as a change agent in your country
  8. Fulfill community hours or internship requirements by your academic program.
  9. Participate in a variety of events, workshops, conferences, national and international forums, for young leaders
  10. Represent Y&D before public and private organizations in their countries of origin.
  11. Attend meetings with national and international political leaders, diplomats, and scholars
  12. Bring forward human rights violations thru Y&D media platform
  13. Participate as speaker at the annual Y&D in the Americas Summit and other regional and global forums and events.
  14. Be eligible candidate for the election of Y&D Ambassador of the Year
  15. Receive a certificate of completion of Y&D Leadership Program
  16. Have Free admission to all Y&D events (events where other institutions are the presenters/sponsors may not be included)

As a member of Y&D all participants will learn about the values to be considered for the strengthening of their leadership skills under God’s primary principles or rights to:


Y & D Ambassadors